Have Questions? Let’s ask our staff!

Jen Fox
Jen Fox
What are your fees?

We like to keep things simple. Our only fee is 10% of the monthly rent.

Is there a fee while the property is being marketed or if the property goes vacant?
No, we take 10% of the monthly rental income only. If you’re not collecting rental income, we’re not collecting our management fee.

You’d like to terminate your contract with us?
Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. And that’s okay. Our contract can be terminated with just 30 days notice. We don’t want to hold you to something you’re not happy with. And again, no hidden fees.

Ali Day
Ali Day
Property Manager
How are rent amounts determined?
Our rental rate recommendations are based off market research (comparable properties, time of year, etc.) as well as feedback from prospective renters. We work to get you as much rental income as possible, but we will suggest a price adjustment if necessary.

How often does Fox Management inspect the property?
Fox will conduct bi-annual inspections of the property. Additional inspections may be scheduled at the owner’s request.

What parties are listed on the lease?
The property owner(s) and the tenant(s) will be listed on the lease. Fox Property Management is listed as the agent.

How and where will the property be marketed?
In addition to our website, your property will be listed on roughly 30 rental listing websites (e.g. Zillow, Trulia, Zumper, Lovely). You’ll find this is the most effective way to gain
interest from prospective renters. Signs can also be placed at the property upon owner request.

Have you ever filed for eviction?
We prefer to find solutions through mediation between tenant and homeowner, but yes. We are equipped with the tools and knowledge to file for an eviction should the tenant not comply
with lease terms. This is the last resort as it requires resources like time and money that may not be reimbursed in full.

How is maintenance handled?
You’ll be notified through email of all maintenance, repairs, and housekeeping being done at your property. Fox will obtain permission from property owners for recommended or necessary repairs exceeding Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00). Additionally, we have a property manager on-call 24/7 to handle maintenance emergencies. In the event of an emergency, Fox may deem it necessary to exceed Two Hundred Dollars to protect the property.

What is the standard security deposit for tenants?
While the security deposit amount is ultimately the property owner’s decision, our recommendation is one month’s rent. We also suggest an additional damage deposit of $250-$500 for pets.

Katie Bianchi
Financial Accounts
When and how does Fox send me my rent?
Distributions are made at the end of the month. That allows us to have funds on hand in order to cover any expenses that were to come up. If appropriate routing and account numbers are provided, Fox will send the funds electronically into the account of your choice. Mailing is certainly an option should you request it.

Who holds the security deposit and what is the process for returning it?
Fox will post a security deposit, pet deposit or any other liability fund charge to the tenant’s ledger. Once collected, Fox will hold it in an escrow account during the tenancy. Upon move out and proper steps, Fox will refund the tenant their deposit less any expenses that result from tenant negligence or anything beyond normal wear and tear of a property. We find our mediation skills to be a huge benefit when conflict arises during tenant transitions.

How do you deal with a tenant that doesn’t pay rent?
Unfortunately, there are scenarios where even the best tenants that qualified financially for the property rent rate fall under hard times and do not pay rent by the due date. Our leases stipulate late fees that accrue on a per day basis. That said, we do our best to encourage tenants to communicate frequently so that we can collaborate to find the best solution to get them back on track as soon as possible.

How do I get my end of year profit and loss statements?
Fox will distribute end of year reports that include all income and expense summaries through an online based Owner Portal.

Edel Caldwell
Edel Caldwell
Vetting Specialist
What is the timeframe for approving applicants?
Typically, we like to have a decision made (whether you are approving the applicant(s) or denying the applicant(s)) within three business days of them submitting their application(s).

What is the application process?

  • We require all adults wanting to live at the property tosubmit a separate online application. This allows us to run the background check and credit report which is necessary information for all adults living at the property.
  • Once all adults have submitted their application, we will begin the vetting process.
  • After the vetting has been completed, we will send you the applicant’s information and request your decision of approving or denying the applicant(s).
  • If you approve, we will let them know they have been approved and begin the lease process. (If you deny, we will let them know that as well, so they are not holding out on renting your property.)
  • During the lease process, your property manager will send you a draft of the lease including the tenant’s names, lease dates, rent amounts, pet info, etc.
  • After you have reviewed and approved the lease draft, we will send the lease to the applicants for their review.
  • Once all parties have approved the lease, we will send the lease through DocuSign for everyone’s electronic signature.
  • When the lease has been signed by everyone, we will give them access to their tenant portal to pay the necessary charges (deposits and rent).

What information can I expect to receive regarding the applicants?

  • Applicant’s names
  • Employment: verified net monthly income, job position, and name of employer
  • Children: number of children and their ages
  • Pets: number of pets, type of pets (cats, dogs, etc.), breeds, weights, and ages
  • Rental History: reference from current and/or previous landlord
  • Background Check: disclosure of any red flags regarding their criminal history and/or evictions
  • Credit Check: credit score, disclosure of any negative remarks, amounts past due, amounts in collections, etc.
  • Desired Move-in Date
  • Desired Lease Length: this can typically be negotiated if you had something in mind that is different than what they prefer.